Svetlana Mircheva

Possible Exhibitions
Placette de Berlin, 2012

10 plexiglass models.

Possible Exhibitions are 10 Models, created by the gallery, presenting projects/ideas/sketches for exhibitions that have never happened but will always stand as a probability. What could happen in the place of a “possible exhibitions” – a question used as a way to look into the imaginary ramifications of time.

At La Placette I will show my first drawings, photos of the models, exhibition photos and a small catalogue – a symbolic presentation of my solo show « Possible Exhibitions » which took place from January 13 to February 10 at NURTUREart gallery, Brooklyn, New York.

Installation photos by Kalin Ivanov
Models photos by Tihomir Rachev


“For this series, Mircheva strays from technology and automation to present a

series of diminutive, some quite simple, other slightly inscrutable dioramas from

an ongoing collection of imaginary gallery-size installations. With their quiet and

unassuming presence, the models lead both artist and viewer to imagine an infinity of possible scenarios, suspended between past, present and future.

Possible Exhibitions showcases Mircheva’s signature sleek, highly-professionalized daydreaming at its most powerful.”

Marco Antonini, Nurtureart


Svetlana Mircheva (b. 1976) graduated in Industrial Design from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia. Svetlana works with new media, digital art and design – both in Bulgaria and abroad. She has received several awards. In January 2012 her first solo exhibition Possible Exhibition in New York took place.

Her show in La Placette presents in a simple way this last exhibition, with drawings, photos, texts.